What services do you offer?
We offer speech evaluations, speech therapy and iPad training.

Do you offer home visits?
Yes! We provide our services only in the patient's home.

Who do you see at Bloom & Speak?
Our services are available to DDD eligible patients 3yrs-18yrs of age. We see children of all developmental levels and a broad range of diagnoses. Below is a list of a few delays and diagnoses that we address:
Speech/Language Delays and Disorders
Articulation Disorder
Phonological Disorder
Expressive Language Disorder
Social/Pragmatic Delays
Receptive Language Disorder
Auditory Processing Disorder
Apraxia of Speech
At risk
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Cognitive Disabilities
Cerebral Palsy
Down Syndrome
Augmentative Communication

Do you offer services in my area?
We are only able to offer speech therapy services in areas where our providers reside (refer to provider service areas in their bio). However, we are able to provide speech evaluations in most Phoenix Metro areas.

Will my provider be a speech therapist or a speech pathologist?
Speech and language evaluations are conducted by a licensed and certified speech pathologist. Therapy is conducted by a speech pathologist or a licensed speech therapist assistant who works under the direct supervision of a speech pathologist.

My child is in need of an evaluation and speech therapy. Can I schedule both at once?
If DDD has indicated that you need both services, we will need to schedule an evaluation first. If we have a provider in your area, we would be happy to schedule therapy services after an evaluation is completed and a Dr. script is on file.

What type of insurance do you accept?
We only accept patients eligible for DDD services at the moment. Please check back soon for services through private insurance.

How can I obtain a copy of my child's therapy report?
You can request copies by filling out our request form or by contacting our office. Parents can also login to the Bloom & Speak Patient portal. To look up your existing account follow the link https://bloomspeak.janeapp.com/reset_password


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