Our Services

iPad Training

Our therapists are knowledgable in a variety of AAC devices and can work with iPads to augment your child's communication needs. With so many speech apps available on the apple store, our therapists can guide you in choosing the most effective ones for your child's goals. They can also provide parental education on setting up an iPad as an AAC device, how to use specific speech therapy apps and more.

​​Speech Evaluations

We provide comprehensive assessments to determine an individualized treatment plan for your child. Methods and tools used to assess your child include standerdized formal testing, informal testing and parent interviews. As part of our treatment plan, each child receives a home program to follow with their parents between therapy sessions. Assesments are completed prior to therapy sessions unless your child has been evaluated in the recent past.

Bloom &Speak

Speech is the mirror of the mind

Speech Therapy

We provide 45 minute sessions of one-on-one therapy in the comfort of your own home. Our therapy sessions are individaully tailored to your child's specific needs and treatment goals. We combine a variety of therapy techniques that may include a mix of sutructured and unstructured play activities. Parental involvement plays an important role in every child's improvement and we encourage consistent weekly sessions for each child.